Citi Clear Card

Citi Clear Card From Citibank Malaysia For Great Rewards For Life, Evergreen Loyalty Point, Instant Rewards, Zero Liability.

Requires annual income of RM 24,000.00 for all applicant. Free for first year when you swipe 3 times within 60 days. The annual fees is RM 90.00. For the supplement card the annual fees is RM 60.00. Cash withdrawal fee is RM 20.00 or 5.00% which ever is the highest. There will be RM 10.00 for late payment fee per card. The interest rate per annual is 15.00%. This card does not have cash back.The balance transfer rate is 8.99%. The cash withdrawal rate is 5.00%.


Annual Income RM 24,000.00
Minimum Age21
Maximum Age0
Minimum Age for Supplement18
Maximum Age for Supplement0


Annual Fee RM 90.00
Annual Fee NoteFree for first year when you swipe 3 times within 60 days
Annual Fee for Supplement RM 60.00
Supplement Card Fee RM 0.00
Late Payment Fee RM 10.00
Cash Withdrawal Fee RM 20.00

Interest Rate

Interest Rate15.00%
Cash Back Rate0.00%
Balance Transfer8.99%
Cash Withdrawal Rate5.00%


3.00 RM 1.00at Borders, Topman, GAP, LaSenza, ZoukClub KL, Vincci, G2000 and Sakae Sushi
1.00 RM 1.00on all other local expenses

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