UOB Lady's Solitaire Card

UOB Lady's Solitaire Card From UOB Singapore For Men Don't Get It
Requires annual income of $ 120,000.00 for all applicant. First year card fee waiver. The annual fees is $ 406.60. Free for 2 cards. For the supplement card the annual fees is $ 192.60. Cash withdrawal fee is $ 15.00 or 6.00% which ever is the highest. There will be $ 100.00 for late payment fee per card. The interest rate per annual is 25.90%. This card does not have cash back.The balance transfer rate is 0.00%. The cash withdrawal rate is 6.00%.


Annual Income $ 120,000.00
Minimum Age21
Maximum Age0
Minimum Age for Supplement0
Maximum Age for Supplement0


Annual Fee $ 406.60
Annual Fee NoteFirst year card fee waiver
Annual Fee for Supplement $ 192.60
Annual Fee for Supplement NoteFree for 2 cards
Supplement Card Fee $ 0.00
Late Payment Fee $ 100.00
Cash Withdrawal Fee $ 15.00

Interest Rate

Interest Rate25.90%
Cash Back Rate0.00%
Balance Transfer0.00%
Cash Withdrawal Rate6.00%


10.00 $ 5.00On Beauty& Wellness, Dining, Entertainment, Family, Fashion, Transport and Travel.

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