Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

While Mother’s Day is approaching, we will start thinking about our dearest mother. As a son or daughter, we should take action on finding a gift for our mother. This action will surprise her very much and show our love to her. To appreciate the effort of raising us up, we should try to find the best gift that suitable to her. Hence, we can create an unforgettable moment for her on this special day. So, here are the 20 Mother’s Day gift ideas you can refer to.

Viva Collection Blender HR3552

For sure, we always hope our mother to stay healthy. If our mother can drink a glass of smoothie made by herself every day, it is really a good choice to buy a blender for her. Viva Collection Blender comes with a 2 liters glass jar. Therefore, our mother can choose to make smoothie for the entire family or just for one grab in the rush hour. The price of this blender is $187.90.

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner FC8776/01

When we stay at home, we always discover the moment of our mother doing housework. For instance, she always needs to sweep and mop the floor to keep it clean. Of course, we should take action to help her. Hence, it is a must to have a helper at home. A robot vacuum cleaner can be a new helper to replace us and our mother too. After that, she can get rest after long hours of works. With its help, the house will feel clean for the whole day. To buy this robot vacuum cleaner, the price is $699.00. It is really a valuable gift for your mother on Mother’s day.

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Braun FaceSpa Pro 911 Epilator

Most of the women in the world hope they can be beautiful and attractive especially our mother. While her age is increasing, she will face poor skin health on her face. Consequently, we should pay more attention to take care of her skin health. By using Braun FaceSpa Pro, she can experience the 3-in-1 Facial epilating, vitalizing & skin toning system for the salon beauty at home. True beauty can’t shine through make-up. Give your mother a spa anywhere, anytime. For Braun FaceSpa Pro, the price is $99.99.

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Braun Silk Epil 5 Wet & Dry Cordless Electric Epilator with Neoprene Pouch

Other than the skin health of the face, the skin health of the body also an important part to take care. The quality of the electric epilator decides the skin health of our mother. With this device, she can experience the extra soft wet and dry epilation for up to 4 weeks of smooth skin. Cordless and can use it anytime, anywhere. You can get this electric epilator with the price of $89.94.

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Customize Plants / Terrarium

Sometimes, you can’t purchase the items that over budget due to economic depression. Don’t be upset because you can express your love with handmade too. You can do colorful customize plants with Terrarium to present your mother on Mother’s day. The Terrarium is a sealable glass container to keep the plants inside it. Therefore, it is creative and must be touched when your mother knows it is made by yourself.

It has various types of plants so the price will be based on the plants you customize. It is cheap and meaningful. Handcraft gift is a very good idea, you can customize a gift for the one your love.


Cranberry Choc Chip Cookie Mix / Anzac Biscuit Mix

You can present your beloved mother with some food on Mother’s day too. This is a very convenient cookie mix with delicious flavor. You can choose either bake this for your mother or give this jar of premix to her as a gift. Besides, you can also invite your mother to bake this with you. She will be very excited to spend her time making this with you.


Various of Shochu

Are you looking for healthier and lighter alternatives for alcoholic beverages? Shochu is believed to have numerous health benefits in Japan. It contains fewer calories and less sugar than other alcoholic beverages. You can choose the different types of Shochu to depend on the kinds of flavors your mother is more interested in. You should give your mother a try!

Fresh Flower / Bouquet

Most of the women love flowers because it is very fresh, colorful and beautiful. It gives them a piece of nature. Flowers have meanings associated with them. There are varieties to choose from. Choose the flowers wisely based on the meaning, color and likes of your mother. After that, choose a few stalk and DIY a bouquet for her.

It is really awesome to present the most precious gift of nature for your mother on Mother’s day. The price is affordable and various which is based on the types of flowers. Normally, the price can be $38.24 onwards for a big bouquet of fresh flowers.

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Tea Set Black with 4 cups

Tea is a simple healthy beverage that is just needed to prepare by pouring hot water over tea leaves. Then, your mother can enjoy the tasty tea quickly. Drinking tea also can help to improve her health. Besides, if your mother is a tea lover, I believed she will like this practical set with 4 cups and a 1.1 Liters teapot. Therefore, she can share her favorite tea with her family and friends. The price of this tea set is $48.99.

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Matcha Teapot “Hao” Green Ironware

For choosing teapot, here comes with a special set which will feast for your eyes. It is so unique and beautiful with the 0.7L green color cast iron teapot. In addition, the set is having Matcha whisk and Matcha whisk holder which are selling separately. So, you may add on to make it into a complete set. The price is $89.99 for the Matcha Teapot “Hao” Green Ironware.

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Essential Oil Assorted Scents & Diffuser Flower

Instead of buying a bouquet of fresh flowers, why not you buy a long-lasting flower for your mother as a gift? You can consider this diffuser flower that your mother can keep it for a long period of time. There are assorted scents to choose from. The essential oil will be slowly absorbed into the flower and release the scent into the house. It can help to relax your mother especially the time to sleep. So, she will definitely enjoy it. The price of the diffuser flower is $23.90 which comes with the essential oil.

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Hand Poured Lemongrass Tea Candle

The tea candle can last for long hours. Besides, the citrusy scent can help your mother to fight fatigue, calm rattled nerves and invigorate the senses. Hence, it is suitable to light it up at night before sleeping. I personally love the scent so much. It is really suitable to be a gift for your mother. The price is $14.95 for a large Hand Poured Lemongrass Tea Candle.

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BeeBio Manuka Honey and Bee Venom Face Mask

Nowadays, a face mask is one of the popular skin care products. A massive amount of people agree that face mask provides an effective skin treatment for their face especially women. In addition, your mother will definitely satisfy the result of using the Honey face mask. This affordable ultra-hydrating face mask just likes having a spa treatment without leaving the home. This face mask can lift, plump, tighten, and regenerate the face of your mother. She surely falling in love with it. With the price of $25.00, you will get 5 masks in a box.

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COSORI Food Dehydrator With 6 Drying Racks

As a chef at home, your mother surely loves the kitchenware too. You can buy this food dehydrator as new kitchenware for your mother on Mother’s day. It is just the right size for your kitchen. It comes with 6 stainless steel racks instead of plastic racks. It’s economical and your mother can make healthy snacks at home for herself and family. It also comes with 50 lasting recipes which handcrafted by Cosori chefs to give your mother a perfect start. The price of this food dehydrator is $159.99 which comes with 6 drying racks.

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HandCrafted Solid Colognes

Actually cologne is not only for a man but it also suitable for a woman too. This solid cologne is handcrafted with natural oils, butter, vegan and alcohol-free cologne. It is a “must have” in your bag. This travel-size packaging doesn’t take out a lot of space and the most important is its smell great! Hence, you should get one for your mother. You can get a solid cologne with the price of $19.49.

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Stainless Roller Stick with Inner Gel for Neck

Imagine the duration of your mother doing the housework. She is really taking a long time and effort to do that. With this roller stick with inner gel, your mother can get a better relax. After long day chores, your mother can massage her neck while enjoying a movie or doing something else. It will be a small helper which replace you for messaging her neck. To get the roller stick, the price is $13.77 only.

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Chanel N5 Parfum

“A woman’s perfume, with a woman’s scent”. Chanel is a best-selling and all-time favorite scent for women. Your mother surely be really happy if you present this valuable gift with this pretty packaging for her on Mother’s day. Each bottle of perfume is 100ml. The price of each bottle is $189.99 and the price is not included in the special edition box of the picture.

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Recolte Press Sandwich Maker

Who can resist a sandwich full of heart first thing in the morning? Little hearty breakfast keeps you in a good mood all day long. This is a device can help your mother in making a sandwich. It will be a small helper for your mother in the kitchen every morning. Your mother will definitely love this practical tool from you. You can get this sandwich maker with the price of $93.67.

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Bruno Toaster Grill

Bruno is a reliable product ever. This toaster grill is very unique with the switching feature. Your mother can choose to use it either toast or grill. It causes less smoke and the most important is easy to clean. The price is $238.00. The famous color of this toaster grill is red, purple and white. You can choose it based on your mother’s favorite color. You can buy white color at

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Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro

Nowadays, Apple is very famous with high technology electronic devices. The devices bring new features and convenience to all of us. It will be an awesome gift for our mother. For instance, she can listen to music or talking on the phone clearly with AirPods while doing the house chores. It’s cordless and she doesn’t need to get frustrated when the wire is tangled. Do surprise your mother with this precious gift on Mother’s day!

The usual price of Apple AirPods is $159.00 but now it is only $139.00 while the price of Apple AirPods Pro is $234.95. You can find these 2 items from Apple Store.

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